Resting on His Promises "I am Covered from A to Z" Workbook

This workbook is a companion to Resting on His Promises: I am Covered from A to Z by Lauretha Ward. We are glad that you have chosen this life-changing journey to discover that God has got you covered as you rest on His promises. The lessons in this workbook are practical, powerful, thought provoking and tailored for your personal study.

The questions in this workbook are designed for:

  • Knowing God gives You strength for every Storm
  • How to take up Spiritual Weapons for Spiritual Battles
  • Willing to Confront and Conquer Your Enemy

Journal what you are feeling and experiencing as you read the pages. Feel free to highlight points that stand out as you read. You may want to read passages of scriptures from a parallel Bible to bring forth more clarity. If you are in the process of going through a battle we suggest journal the scripture, date/time, that you are guided to stand (rest on) while you wait on the manifestation of victory. It encourages you in your faith to know that if God has delivered you before, He can do it again.