Wipe the Slate Clean (Hardcover) Signed by the Author


Includes temporary tattoo, postcard with access to freebies, a placemat activity sheet, and S&H


Classroom Bullying is a serious topic. In this book, Wipe the Slate Clean (told from the bully’s perspective), Nester the Pester is forced to ask himself if it’s possible for a bully to change the way he treats others.

Are his classmates willing to forgive him for his bad behavior and bullying?

Nester goes on a journey to see if change, acceptance, and kindness are even possible for him.
Will Nester get the fresh start he hopes for?

Grab your copy now and help your favorite little ones learn about the power of forgiveness and a clean slate!
Children have an amazing superpower of showing kindness with their words and actions to others.

★ BONUS ★ see additional activities and resources to download in the back of the book.
Perfect for ages 4-8

“This book is a great resource as well as a powerful story about forgiveness.” — Readers’ Favorite