Did you know that we have anywhere from 12,000-60,000 thoughts per day, but according to research, around 95% of them are exactly the same as the previous day. And what’s alarming is that 80% of those thoughts are negative! OMGEE! So based on these stats we all deal with the battle of negative thoughts that stem from trauma, offenses, resentment, hurt, abandonment, and so many other issues.

Can you actually think of a situation that if you had the opportunity to RE-THINK something you have either said or done for the outcome to work in your favor? How would it change the outcome of your relationships with family, co-workers, or close friends? Imagine how your life would be impacted if you were to overcome the “negative mental chatter” that bombards the six inches between your ears daily.

Watch this video on the 3 steps to RE-THINK YOUR WAY TO VICTORY! You can CLICK HERE and connect with me on the Facebook replay to continue the conversation.

Blessings and Love,