Choose Kindness

October is Bullying Prevention Month and I have a question for you. Has there been a time when you’ve seen bullying and wanted to stop it but wasn’t sure what you could do? Lots of kids have felt that way, too. Catch this: if you see bullying happen, there are so many ways you can help stop it.

As I mentioned in my last blog this is a topic I hold near and dear to my heart. I experienced being bullied in the 4th grade by a girl that even the boys were afraid of crossing her path. One of my sons on the other hand experienced bullying from a classmate in the 4th grade. So what do you do when the teacher covers for the bully? smh, I spoke to the superintendent of the charter school and advocated for my son. The school didn’t even have a bullying policy in place.

I remember the pain and anguish it caused my son. And we won’t even go there as to how I felt as a mom wanting to do everything to protect my son. As a result of my advocating for him, the charter school he was attending created a bullying policy the following school year. After being homeschooled during his last semester of 4th grade, he entered 5th grade, into the open arms of a God-fearing teacher who cared for him and wanted to see him excel. His path could have gone in an entirely different direction. I’m grateful to God for my son’s turnaround.

I have incorporated our experiences into an upcoming book on anti-bullying. My desire is to get tools into the hands of children at a young age so they will learn to show kindness with their words and actions. Thankfully, there are concerned parents, teachers, coaches, counselors, and organizations who are giving out resources to help aid our kids in bully prevention. Furthermore, I will be sharing a number of resources moving forward with this upcoming book to guide and empower individuals with help as needed. I have a list started to learn how to recognize and take action against bullying behavior on my website.

Has bullying impacted your life or someone in your family? Share in the comments below.

Blessings and Love,