You know FEAR is something that you and I will have to face until the end of our days. By definition, fear is a chain reaction in the brain that starts with a stressful stimulus. And ends with the release of chemicals which demonstrates different responses. For some, the response will be heart racing, sweaty palms, and a flushed face. Also, this is known as the fight-or-flight response.

You may be faced with the challenge of doing something new (i.e. job, school, business, writing a book, or going back to school). And fear wants to creep in because of the unknown. You feel like you are not in control of knowing the outcome because it’s new territory. Let me encourage you right here. It’s okay to feel afraid. But this isn’t the time to call it quits, go into isolation, or settle into your comfort zone because of uncertainty.

Listen, initially doing these FB LIVES took me way out of my comfort zone! Yet, I pushed through to complete them anyway because it’s not about me. I have experience and wisdom nuggets based on what I’ve been through that hopefully will encourage and give you hope to keep moving forward. Imagine what your life would look like when you simply decide to just DO. IT. AFRAID.

Watch this video on the 3 steps to take on how to DO. IT. AFRAID. You can CLICK HERE and connect with me on the Facebook replay to continue the conversation. #mindshapeup

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