How Can YOU Help?

How Can YOU Help?

As parents or as a caregiver, we are concerned about protecting our children from bullying. You are thinking about how can you make sure your child is not the victim of bullying. As one who was bullied in grade school, I have a question. What do you do to prevent your child from being the bully?! Here are three steps that parents can utilize to teach/model empathy with their children in a conversation early on to stomp out bullying as a preventative.

First, listening is one of the most effective ways your child can practice demonstrating empathy toward another individual. Have them focus their attention outwardly. Practice shifting their attention outside of themselves to someone they know well or a stranger They can practice being mindful in finding ways to be kind to others.

Then find an opportunity to have your child step away from judgment and instead practice #empathy. Consider a different point of view or the root cause of why something is the way it is.

Finally, in a conflict situation with another individual have them ask themselves these three questions: What does this person think? What does this person feel?
How is this person holding his or her body right now? (i.e. arms crossed, head down/looking away, angry/stern look, etc.). Curiosity enhances and leads to empathy by having them place themselves in someone else’s shoes.

“Bullying won’t end unless we all do something about it!” @what_the_world_needs_is_love

Click here for “Bullying Prevention Resources” Do you have any additional tips please share and I’ll add them to my resource list? #bekindalways #empowerment #inclusion #kindnessmatters #kidsmentalhealth #modelkindness #modellove

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