Whatcha Reading This Month?

March is #NationalReadingMonth and I believe there is a book inside of YOU!!🥰
We all have a powerful story to share to impact, inspire, and empower the lives of someone else for the better! 📚

Looking to connect with my author friends? Please tag your IG page in the comments and tell us briefly what your book is about.
It could either be one you’re currently working on to launch or you have published. Let’s support each other. ^_^

Also, for my March book read, I’m finishing up “Identity Theft” by Alana Terry which is a suspenseful page-turner! 😱What book are you currently reading?
I keep a running list for recommended reads. 😉 #booklover #ebook #kindle #readwithme #readacrossamerica #nationalbookreadingmonth #sharingiscaring

P.S. I will be sharing an update with you soon that goes along with the Sneak Peek I shared with you last fall. #staytuned
Blessings and Love,