How to Organize a Book Launch?

There are so many facets of a self-publishing journey and one of the aspects is planning for a book launch. How do you keep all the working parts organized without pulling out your hair? lol The key is preparation for a book launch planning countdown of 3 months out with viewing your board and working the timeline backward. I’m sharing with you “Writing Tips” to prepare a book launch with a tool that an author shared with me called a Trello board: πŸ˜‰

Trello is a fun, flexible, and free way to organize/manage and collaborate with a tool that would help you plan your projects on one platform. It is incredibly visual and extremely adaptable, especially if you have several people working on your project, and they are scattered across different physical locations. πŸ’»

Secondly, the ease of working with Trello is because of its three-tier information system of Boards, Lists, and Cards. The projects and information about these projects would be organized into Boards, which would contain Lists. The Lists will be assigned titles and you will have your own Cards. It is these Cards that comprise the basic unit of a Trello Board. Users can drag and drop different lists on a particular board, complete tasks on these lists, create as many boards as they want. πŸ–Š

Finally, the uses of Trello can be many but here are a few: share files with your team members; comment on a card; keep track of to-do lists with a timeline (i.e. create a website, make a landing page with email service, add sign up form to your website along with your social media links, create your reader/beta group, etc); set colored labels according to priority (i.e. items that are FREE color-code yellow, items that need to be tracked as an expense color code $ green, items that need to go on SM color-code pink, etc).

I hope these tips have been helpful. Do you have a question or a tip to share with us? Comment below. ✍🏾 πŸ–ŠπŸ“” #happywriting#authorswrite #selfpublishing #writingadvice #writingcommunity

P.S. I share an example of my Trello Board in a video my IG post @laurethaward on (4/29/2021).

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