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Well the holiday weekend is almost over, so now it is time to go through the fridge to decide how to mix and match the leftovers. If you are like me and don’t just want to re-heat the leftovers, then I hope that you find the tips in this article helpful. Over the years I’ve used these suggestions to switch up the flavor and taste to the way that I serve leftovers to give my family something they will enjoy. Here are the turkey makeovers that I hope you will enjoy as well.

Leftover Turkey sandwich recipes

Use generous layered slices of juicy turkey breast. Try turkey in almond whole wheat rolls, baguettes, tortilla wrap, or sandwiched in toast. Mix and match the meat with other ingredients, such as:
• parmesan, pea shoot, and hummus
• spinach, arugula, and romaine salad leaves
• thinly sliced avocado or sautéed red onion
• tomatoes and pickles
• fine slices of cooked cured ham
• cranberry compote spread
• swiss cheese and grapes
• Blend in extra flavor with honey mustard, cranberry sauce, leftover cornbread stuffing, cucumbers, bean sprouts, or red grape slices.

Leftover Turkey Hot dishes

Turkey stir fry Mix diced turkey with broth, peppers, onions, and thicken with Pamela’s flour to serve with rice or pasta.
Turkey tostadas Serve shredded turkey with black beans, rice, and salsa or hot sauce atop tostadas.
3-BeanTurkey chili Add cubed turkey after you have slow cooked northern beans, black beans, and kidney beans. Mix in cumin, diced tomatoes, and salsa
Turkey Pot Pie Add cubed turkey with thawed frozen vegetable and onion, cooked in turkey gravy, and topped with leftover cornbread stuffing.
Chinese turkey Cook diced turkey with baby corn, bell peppers, onions and bean sprouts. Sprinkle in Tamari soy sauce and thicken with Pamela’s flour.
Turkey soup Add chopped turkey and your vegetables of choice to make a delicious hearty soup.

Let me know by leaving a comment if you try any of these dishes. Enjoy!

Blessings and Love,
Lauretha Ward

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