It’s Never too Early

I want to encourage moms and dads (i.e. also aunties, grandmas, older siblings, etc.) to continue reading together, even when the child is able to read on their own. Children are never too young/old to enjoy reading with you.

When they are learning to read by themselves, you can still read stories to them that are at a higher reading level than those they can read on their own.

There are many great children’s books to choose from. And a number of authors are developing children’s books for inclusion and diversity so that our children are able to see themselves in the characters portrayed.

AND there is so much to offer children along with the book to grow their learning experience and to have FUN well after reading the book. (i.e. stickers, temporary tattoos, lesson plans, activity books, literacy guides, coloring book and so much MORE!).

I’m excited about putting together some interactive & FUN learning tools for my book that’s COMING SOON!! By the way, this author’s journey comes with a LOT of learning to put out the best products for our kiddos. While I’m currently working on some now… I’m looking for additional suggestions from anyone. What would you like to see come along with a children’s book in addition to what I mentioned above?

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Blessings and Love,