Just. Do. It.

Have you been mulling over the idea of writing your story? I’m sharing these “Writing Tips” that cover three basic steps for an aspiring author from part of my writing journey:

1) Write down a laundry list for every reason you want to write a book. No matter how big or small the idea, write down what comes to mind. What compelling message do you need to share with others? When you have a reason for writing your book it’s much easier to think of it in terms of fulfilling your purpose. Keep this placed where you will see it often to refer back to as a reminder as to why you want to write.

2) You’re going to need to eliminate time wasters and distractions. You know there’s an app for just about everything. “Freedom” or “PauseFor” is a distraction blocking app. “LeechBlock” is free, works on most major browsers, and gives you a number of options for blocking distractions. Place your phone in another room while writing with the sound off. Close all of the windows and apps on your computer or laptop. Put the Do Not Disturb sign on your door after informing family and friends that you completing your power hour of writing.

3) This may be one of the hardest things to do but you want to get feedback. This is where beta reading comes in and is such a vital part of the process. You need outside pairs of eyes to look at your work. So let’s say you’re writing a book for children 5-8 years old then you need to read your story to children in that age group to offer candid feedback. Believe me, they will tell you the real deal. What did they like or dislike? Give them suggestions on a few titles to choose from before and again after reading the story.

I hope these tips have been helpful. Do you have a question or a tip to share with us? Comment below #happywriting

Blessings and Love,