Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips

April has me daydreaming about the possibilities of new things and new opportunities in the spring. I can picture my tulips starting to peek through the ground. Colorful birds are chirping away while resting on my tree branches in the backyard. Out and about during my errands I’m seeing an increase of rabbits dashing around on the lawns as I exit my subdivision.

Now, moving from daydreaming of the outside conditions to the inside of my house. I’ve already begun cleaning out my closet to give away old clothes. I uncluttered my office board so that I can post my vision board at the top to keep before me. To prepare for spring cleaning I usually prepare and work from a list. I feel accomplished being able to check thing off the page. I’m sure the sun will be sure to point out the spots I’ve been missing during the winter once the blinds and windows are opened. Cleaning the house is not one of my favorite past times. But it is something that has to be done consistently or else it would lead to clutter, filth, and a stench.

It’s the same way with our spiritual house we at times need to take an inventory to see where we need to “de-clutter” our mind or rid ourselves of “stinking thinking”: letting go of past hurts; mistakes that we can’t change or fix; or not feeling good enough to measure up to others’ expectations. Is this easy? No. Can we do this? Yes, through Christ who gives us strength.

Our words are change agents. The words (seeds) we speak (plant) are tremendously powerful. The words we speak today be they good or bad can directly impact our lives. Words can build up or tear down. Words can bring life or death. Words can bring confidence or cause fear. We actually are shaping our world with our words. Every seed that we plant on a consistent basis will bring back a harvest. WOW, that can be a good or scary thought.

I find it beneficial to begin the day with getting up early in the morning before everyone else gets. Having a quiet time in the presence the Lord of singing, praying, and reading a devotional is a GREAT way to jump start the day. You have to find the best time of the day that works for you. The point is to allow God’s seeds (word) to wash over our hearts as we meditate (ponder his words ALOUD) on what He says about us (read Joshua 1:8). Daily renewal of the mind “de-clutters” our negative thoughts and lies from the enemy to think on His truths. Overtime the lies are more easily swept away each time with knowing and speaking the truth of God’s word. In time, God is able to change us from the inside-out and transform our lives into something great which brings Him glory (read Romans 12: 1-2). #happyspringcleaning

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Blessings and Love,
Lauretha Ward