What If?

What If?
Passages for Reflection: Judges 13:5; Romans 8:28; Judges 16:4; 20-30; II Timothy 2:21

Life is full of “What ifs” which are only limited by your imagination. “What if” I married someone differently or had not dropped out of high school and obtained a vocation? Just before you close your eyes and die you may say “What if” I had given God my all, unconditionally?

Our text on today shows Samson a man of God with a big “What if” on his life, such as “What if” he had not met Delilah and obeyed God thoroughly? Yet he was able to get it together before he died, however, unable to live to his full potential through Christ Jesus. Most of us who are saved will not get all the anointing, peace, joy, and deliverance that he has for us. “What if” you begin to give God a little of your time, pray, fast, and read your bible? For then you will be able to supersede the demons with power. There are five phases of Samson’s life which parallels our lives: The purpose phase is that Samson had a divine purpose for living which was to be a deliverer. The distraction phase is when you allow your weakness to take you off the course from getting to your purpose which God instilled. The disillusioned phase will have you deceived by you doing things your way and thinking that God has divine favor on your life, yet you are out of his will. The aftermath of distraction phase is where the devil blinds you spiritually so that you wouldn’t know the grace, anointing, and the power of God if it dropped down in your lap.

The devil will put you in the bondage of sickness, stress, and depression until all of your energy is sapped. Finally, the spiritual recovery phase is to allow God to restore you first before you die.
“What if” from today you decide to give God your total commitment as you willingly comply?
For when we give God 100% his kingdom will come with all of his power, anointing, strength, peace, joy, and righteousness. God’s will, will be done in your life perfectly within your home, marriage, career, and your future will be richly blessed. You must purge yourselves from unclean things and dedicate yourselves to God to be a vessel unto honor. “What if” I surrender all?, is the question of the hour.

Your destiny is like your fingerprint. There are no two alike. Your purpose and destiny is so unique to you. God chose you to live in this generation for His purpose. What if you make the commitment to surrender your all to listen to the heart of God? What if you make the decision to live life on purpose? Do you think you would have more joy, peace, and contentment? This writing causes us all to ponder how could our lives be more meaningful and greater if we lived it according to God’s plan and purpose.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”~Jeremiah 29:11

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Blessings and Love,
Lauretha Ward