The Gift that Keeps on Giving

IN STOCK! Still looking for the perfect gift for the child or teacher in your life this holiday season?? Look no further! “The Story of Nester the Pester” is available in paperback online at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Walmart ready to ship now!

Give the gift of reading this holiday with a book that brings awareness about bullying prevention along with inspiring children to practice empathy and acceptance for others at a young age. If you want the autographed hardcover along with a meal placemat, crayons, temporary tattoos, and Free S&H head over to my website!

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(REVIEW)This well-written rhyming children’s book focuses on bullying and self-awareness to change and become better. The author introduces a wide range of vocabulary for children to learn and even includes a glossary in the back for full understanding. We enjoyed the message of forgiveness and understanding how our actions can affect others. Would recommend it as a great book to help children identify good and bad behavior and how we can help others change for the better.~Katie H.

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