10 Health Tips for Ginger

Health Coach and Nutrition for Weight Loss

I had no idea that there were so many amazing benefits of ginger until I started adding it to my beverages during the 30 Day WATER CHALLENGE that we had here in our Mind Shape Up Community. As a result of using ginger in a variety of ways to help improve my health and that of my family, I would like to share this with you. It’s like when you see a good movie and want to recommend to your friends that they should go see it too! I of course have gathered a lot of different uses right here on the Internet and viewing Dr. Oz. My top three favorites are a brewed glass of ginger tea, a delicious smoothie, or in a glass of infused water. I find these to be the easiest and tasty for daily intake.

The health benefit that I was most intrigued by was that ginger can aid in fat burning, especially helping to make sure that the weight you’re losing is from fat and not just weight from loss of water. Another factor that helps rid you of the pounds is because ginger helps you feel full, so you’ll eat less and feel fuller longer, which is going to shrink your overall intake of calories. I love that idea!

7 other uses consuming ginger daily, not in any particular order that may benefit you or someone you know:
• Is helping to treat some cancers
• Protect against Alzheimer’s disease especially if this runs in your family
• Aids with irritable bowel syndrome
• Helps keep your blood glucose level under control
• The body is better at absorbing the nutrients that you consume
• Relieves tired muscles especially after intense workouts
• Improves your body circulation which gives the overall feeling of increased energy

Also here is the recipe that I included during the 30 DAY WATER CHALLENGE that is refreshing! It will make infused water for about 2 ¼ quarts of water. Detox Infused Water includes: 6 cups of filtered water, 1 tbsp. grated ginger, 1 sliced cucumber, 1 sliced lemon, and 1/3 cup mint leaves. Let the mixture infuse overnight and drink it all the next day. If not organic be sure to cut the rind off of the fruit. I am still using this as one of my favorites. Bottoms up!

Blessings and Love,
Lauretha Ward