Keep Moving Forward: Reset

I pray you’re doing well. I just wanted to chat with you briefly because the days that we are living in now is one of uncertainty. We are waiting on the results of the elections today. People are worried, fretful, anxious, and stressed out, and unsure of where these days will lead us. I want you to be encouraged and share with you on the topic of Keep Moving Forward: Reset. And the word reset means to set again or to do something differently. First of all, there are areas in which we have no control over and then there are areas in our lives in which we do have control.

Actually, the areas that we do have control over are where we can put our energy and focus. Have you’ve been thinking about getting a better handle on your health, relationships, finances, etc.? I’m going to be transparent with you, I’ve had areas that I needed to get a handle on and share my experience in this video.

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I’m praying that God will continue to cover, protect, and keep your family safe during this pandemic, in Jesus name. At the end of the day, nothing catches the Father by surprise. We can reset and do our part for the things that will help us to stay focus and keep moving forward. Let’s finish this year strong.

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Blessings and Love,
Lauretha Ward