Yaaay! Guess what came in the mail?

Yaaay! I’m excited to have received my Copyright Certificate in the mail for my Cookbook today!! Maybe you are thinking about or have started writing your idea for a book. Have you started outlining your copyright page? This is something to consider while your manuscript is in the hands of an editor. I’m sharing these “Writing Tips” that cover steps for a copyright page as part of my writing journey.

Creators get to decide how their work will be distributed. The purpose of “copyright” is to create mechanisms for creators to control ownership of their expressive works. The top of the copyright page must have the word “Copyright” followed by the Β© symbol, the year of printing, and your name. πŸ˜‰

Also, the following list can be in various order on the page but should also include: an “All rights reserved” statement, that the right to produce your work is reserved to you; a Library of Congress Control Number; a CIP block that includes info like the title, author, editor, and subject heading that makes it easier for the librarians to categorize and locate your book. And a CIP block can help your book land on library bookshelves more smoothly. πŸ’»

The book’s ISBN numbers (a numeric commercial book identifier unique to each separate edition and variation) for your eBook, paperback, and hardcover should also be on the page if it isn’t included in the CIP block. Finally, near the bottom of the page include the name of the publisher and contact information as to how you can be reached via email or website. ✍🏾 πŸ–ŠπŸ“”

I hope these tips have been helpful for completing your copyright page. Do you have a question or a tip to share with me? Please comment below and feel free to check out the other articles for writing tips as you tool around on my website. #author #happywriting #recipes #selfpublishing

Blessings and Love,